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Migration from Marketplace V2 to Business V1


Business API V1 replaces Marketplace V2 as a result of commerical and architectural shift to centre Capitalise' API offering around businesses.

This guide will walk you through the steps to migrate from Marketplace V2 to Business V1.

Main differences

Marketplace V2 is a marketplace-oriented suite of APIs that manages both tenants and associated business in one place.

Business V1 is a business-oriented suit of APIs that servies individual business.

Migration steps

Endpoint changes

Marketplace V2Business V1Notes
/marketplace/v2/auth/authorize/platform/v1/auth/tokenUse only API key to get platform access token, previously known as master access token
/marketplace/v2/auth/tenants/authorize/platform/v1/auth/tokenUse API key and provide Capitalise-tenant-id in the header to get tenant access token, which is the token used for the JavaScript