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Launch Checklist

Below is a list of recommended steps to take before launching your Capitalise integration in production. While they might not all be required for the minimal operation of your application, the steps below will help to make your Capitalise integration more robust, secure, efficient, and maintainable.

Demo: development stage

  • Ensure that your impelemtaton functions properly when user only enter the minimum viable data (those required by the API). Appropriate valiation should be clear for the user.
  • We will collabratively check with you on:
    • If a funding search is successfully submitted to us. You can check this in the Cases tab using the Demo account to login.
    • If the submitted data is in the right format
    • If you have correct logic in the case of toekn being expired or invalid
  • A funding case cannot be submitted successfully (e.g. more than 4 products selected)
  • Renew Platform and Marketplace access token when invalid or expired
  • If you allow users to pick their own lenders from the list, ensure they are limited to four options.
  • If you are pre-selecting the top four lenders then it's best practice to inform customers.
  • Do not mislead the user and suggest the lenders will review the application directly. Make it clear that Capitlsie provides a free review service and may contact them directly to discuss the application before sharing with lenders.
  • Once the demo stage is passed we'll have our QA run through your integration to test various scenarios.
  • Provide testing account for Capitalise so we can have good knowledge when making contact with your customers after creation of a funding case.
  • Once the demonstration is completed with no issue found, we will generate and send over your Prdouction account.
  • Please provide your target go-live date so that we arrange and provide support for the day.


You must comply with regulations set out by the FCA when presenting results data from our API in your application, in additional being clear around data controllers for GDPR purposes. Your UI must be compliant with these regulations before Capitalsie will issue a production API key.

Distance marketing directive

You must show ‘Your brand powered by Capitalise’ clearly and visibly at the beginning of your funding process and through out. You must ensure it is clear to your customer that Capitalise is managing the funding process as the FCA regulated entity and data manager.

You also need to be clear they’re sharing data with Capitalise in order to get results, and that Capitalise is involved in the process and managing the FCA compliant aspects.

Your brand powered by Capitalise

Before you send any data to Capitalise you must ensure your client agrees to the GDPR consent to share data with Capitalise. You need to be clear you’re passing the client over to Capitalise and how we’ll use and manage that data. Alternatively you can make this clear in your privacy policy, but you must ensure users have agreed to sharing data before sending any data to us.

In submitting your application you will be sharing your data and your clients data with an FCA authorised credit broker. In turn the only lenders to receive data, will be those selected by you during this online application and in doing so consent access to. You will be able to delete your data from the Capitalise platform.

FCA requirements

You must let customers know that Capitalise is the one powering the decision making. We suggest displaying this statement in your page's footer, or have a formal statement in your privacy policy which is clear your customers have agreed to. introduces customers to Capitalise, who help UK firms access business finance, working directly with businesses and their trusted advisors. is a credit broker and not a lender. Capitalise are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.'s relationship with Capitalise is limited to that of a business partnership, no common ownership or control rights exist between us.

By continuing you agree to all Capitalise's terms and conditions

Branding Guidelines

When using Capitalise logos, name or imagery in your platform you should always follow these branding guidelines.

Mentioning Capitaise

When you mention Capitalise in text, you should use when not using a hyperlink, or mention Capitalise with a hyperlink as in this example.

Mentioning Funding

When you mention funding and the selection process you should:

  • Do not use the term 'deals' or 'funding option' or 'Funding Options'
    • Instead use the terms 'funding matches', 'funding results'
  • Use the term 'Submit' or 'Submit to Capitalise' instead of 'Apply'
    • Creating a new funding search does not automatically apply to those selected lenders
    • Be clear data is being sent to Capitalise for review, before being released to lenders

Approved Logos

Please use these approved Capitalise logos.

Capitalise square white on green logo
Capitalise circle white on green logo
Capitalise full green horizontal logo